Congratulation on SCLVN establishment

It is SCLVN’s most honorable to receive congratulations on its launching conference date from Dr. Sarwono Hardjomuljadi, Indonesia, Mr. Johan Beyers, Mr. Anil Changaroth, Mr. Shy Jackson, and Sir Vivian Ramsey

Those supports are encouraging to SCLVN in participating and contributing a greater part to the development of the Society and to its members.

Here below, SCLVN cited those welcome and congratulation message for the interest of the members.

Mr. Anil Changaroth congratulate Vietnam Society of Construction Law on its launching

Shy Jackson welcome about SCLVN establishment

Dr. Sarwono Hardjomuljadi’s welcome and congratulation message

Mr. Johan Beyers’s welcome and congratulation message

Sir Vivian Ramsey Message to SCLVN foundation