2023.Aug.26-27 Dispute Board Administration & Practice Training Workshop

This workshop organized by SCLVN and DRBF to provide training to people on Dispute Boards (DB).

A 2 day training workshop on Dispute Boards delivered in person.

Workshop topics to include:
• Introduction to Dispute Boards
• Appointment of the DB
• Site Visits & Meetings
• Informal Assistance and Opinions
• Claims, Disputes, Referrals, Decisions & Enforcement
• DAAB in FIDIC 2017 Rainbow Suite
• Conclusions – Are DBs Effective?

All attendees will received

  • Certificate of Attendance (hardcopy) signed by SCLVN, at the end of the workshop.
  • Certificate of Completion (softcopy, pdf) signed by DRBF , within 10 working days after the workshop is completed.


Dispute Board Administration & Practice Training Workshop

Prof. Toshihiko Omoto
Adjunct Professor at Kyoto University,
FIDIC President's List of Approved Adjudicators
Nicholas Gould
Partner at Fenwick Elliott LLP, Visiting Professor at King’s College London
FIDIC President's List of Approved Adjudicators. Past president of the DRBF, Past chairman of the Society of Construction Law (UK)

Registration coming soon.

More information: please email to info@scl.org.vn


Professor Omoto has over 45 years’ experience in the construction industry in some 30 countries. He is an Adjunct Professor on Contract Management and Dispute Resolution at the Graduate School of Management of Kyoto University (MBA), Japan and received the DRBF’s Al Mathews Award for Dispute Board Excellence in 2012. He was the first Asian appointed to the FIDIC President’s List of Approved Adjudicators.

An outstanding example of his continuous promotion of Dispute Boards is his leadership in the establishment by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (“JICA”) of a program of training on use of Dispute Boards for contracts financed by that agency throughout Southeast Asia (included Vietnam).”


Nicholas is an international specialist arbitration, construction and engineering lawyer. A solicitor advocate and chartered surveyor, his dual qualifications provide a layer of expertise that adds a practical level to his work.

Nicholas is Visiting Professor at King’s College London and a vice president of the ICC’s Arbitration Commission (past chairman, Standing Sub-Committee ICC’s International Centre for Expertise 2007–14). He is past president of the DRBF and past chairman of the Society of Construction Law. He has been published widely in the field of construction law and dispute resolution.

Nicholas’ dispute resolution experience spans litigation, arbitration, adjudication, DAB/DRB/DAAB, mediation, early neutral evaluation and expert determination. His FIDIC experience is wide ranging including acting as a special adviser to FIDIC in respect of its 2017 edition contracts and in 2021 he was the FIDIC Adjudicator of the Year.